Hello October... better late than never!

With a good cup of tea, I sit down and finally get to another blog! Phew! October started with a BANG! It's only half-way through and there's so many more exciting things to come! I had promised myself to write at least two blogs a week and build up to almost every day. I guess I went on holiday these past two weeks - oops! Oh well, little by little we build habits and introduce new elements to our work-flow, right? 

It's Tuesday morning and I'm starting to sub for Portia's classes while she's prepping for beautiful baby number two! Man, do I LOVE starting my mornings dancing! I regularly teach Saturday mornings, now I added Tuesday's for a couple of weeks for Miss P. Dancing in the AM is incredibly refreshing and has so many benefits! It's a great way to wake-up, to begin moving your body, it keeps you pumped the rest of the day, and helps boost your mood for a happier and healthier day! Portia's Tuesday girls are wonderful too - they're so alive and ready with excitement! After teaching those three hours straight I came home and kept working out of the good vibes and motivation, hehe! 

October has so much more in store! This past weekend we had a workshop with the amazing Maria Jammal! I like to consider her one of Miami's/South Florida's "mother's" of Belly Dance. Originally from Morocco, she is a well-studied woman and dancer and has had more than 30 years of experience. Though she teaches North of Miami, we love to host her for workshops and our girls always have a good time. She's authentic, genuine and has great, soulful combinations and movements to learn from. 

This Friday, October 21 we will be performing at the Shops at Sunset Place at 7:30pm, a special performance in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I love these types of community shows where we perform together with our students and teachers. They are enjoyable and a great way to spread the art and appreciation of the dances we host at Belly Motions - Indian, African and Middle-Eastern dances. 

The Friday after that, October 28 is my next Painting Party! I'll post more about that later. With shows (private and public), classes and tons of painting in between, it's been a great start of the Fall for me. Hope that's as well for you too! Keep dancing, keep groovin' and movin', that's my motto! Happy Tuesday!