What now... #Elections2016

As former President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) expressed in his inaugural speech in 1933, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” we take the next step into an unreal, unknown world where Donald Trump is president…. 

I woke up early this morning hoping for good news, and like many of us, my heart sunk and disappointment rushed through me. My brother who lives next to me came over and invited me for coffee. We talked a bit, I came back home, turned off my phone for a while, it’s still off, didn’t look at any social media, no news, just digested this incredulous piece of knowledge for hours. I was so frustrated I needed my High School American History AP book and Buddha to set my mind straight to think. History helps me re-focus and remind me that there is always a very long strand of years (hundreds to thousands) that will explain what is happening today. 

All countries struggle with political and social issues. What can we do? We are a history of process, of ups and downs, terrible times and beautifully positive moments. In my eyes one thing is always constant and it’s something that takes work, time and space from our jobs, our personal lives and yet it is necessary for our sanity and growth…. That is education. We are mostly (but not all!) a society of laziness, technological zombies, a society that mouth-waters for immediacy, for money that is believed to be equal to “success,” of those that say do not worry because “all we need is love,” of those that see and do not observe. The one-sided - even two-sided - get nowhere. 

Process. Process. Process. Balances, push and pulls. Look back at history, a hundred to a thousand years, then look to the present and see the future. Forget about the comfort in the now, it is illusion. We may begin seeing more and more division in our own society and in the rest of the world. We’re in the middle of a social and political movement, we’re going to either see really bad for a while and then good, or both extremes at the same time. But what do you do when the reality is that politics DOES impact our world? Maybe the Keystone XL pipeline will now continue to be built and cause more destruction, maybe not. Maybe we are delving into another recession, maybe not. Maybe the safety of our planet and nature is in even more danger, maybe not. Maybe we will stand up even stronger together, maybe not. Whatever it may be that will happen, what will you do? 

This election may turn out to have powerful outcomes, and I am personally hoping that this will unite us more towards positive changes. I am hoping that this will inspire more people to be educated and to stay aware of what is happening. To have a balance of an open mind, an open heart and an open brain to learn more every day! The combination of education, love and our open minds should help prepare us for any hardships that may or may not come our way whether they be small and local, or world-wide. Do NOT just “not care” and “not follow” the state of our country, or else “surprises” like the XL pipeline will show up and you’ll be like… when did this happen and why? Stay connected, be open and talk gently and have courtesy about the subjects with others so that we can limit the division of hatred that’s been plaguing this country for too long. 

Keep dancing, keeping art-making, keep making Trump jokes, keep traveling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures…. The world is a process, our own lives are process, but a process to be understood and worked with, not ignored and hated. Do not ignore all of the areas in the life that surrounds you. Everything is here because we have to pay attention together. 

A Marigold... some say a marigold is a symbol of the sun, of passion and creativity, also believed to be used to enhance prophecy and psychic dreams. They also help control unwanted insects from eating nearby plants. I love these in my little garden, they brighten up my day, as I hope this little one brightens up yours! 

P.S. In 2018 we will have mid-term elections which are AS IMPORTANT as presidential election years. Seats for the Senate and the House of Representatives will be contested. These officials are who we have to watch out for; these are people that “represent our needs” politically and socially from our States. Learn who is in office, who is representing you. Stay aware, stay connected. 



From an article on Elephant Journal.com ... It was a helpful read this morning. 

From an article on Elephant Journal.com ... It was a helpful read this morning.