Fall Choreo Costume Samples are here!

We got our sample costumes in from Egypt yesterday! This is for our Belly Motions annual theater show – March 2017. Every year I am amazed how beautiful and diverse all of our choreographies turn out. It’s a huge team-work effort, everyone putting in their ideas, their experiences and guidance for each other. I’m proud to be part of this team!

This year I asked for a very different costume and for the first time I took my chances with Egypt and our designer for something special. We are ALWAYS super excited when costumes come in! I saw my costume; the colors and style are perfect, the jewels are perfect, the single sleeve is too… and according to my calculations despite my hope and prayers, there was something wrong. The fabric isn’t stretchy, so my arm can’t move in it, hahah! I thought – maybe if I diss-attach the skirt I can have more range of movement. We’ll see! That’s what we’re going to ask the designer to do. For the sample that I’ll buy, when I take it home I’ll play with it. It’s ok for the teacher to look a little different in the choreography. At least it’s nothing we storm about because these are samples – and, hey! It’s all about adjusting, right? As long as the girls look great and are comfortable, we are happy! 

Everyone else’s costume looks GORGEOUS!! There is so much excitement for this year’s show! We love the theme “Fantasy,” so inspired by it! It gives us a stretch of creativity in a different direction. I feel like it relieves us and guides us in a unique direction as a World Dance Studio and more specifically, as representatives of Modern Arabic Dance. This dance is changing, it’s morphing, manifesting, growing… and so quickly! Its plasticity is incredible.

(Plasticity, if you google, means: plas•tic•i•ty / noun: the quality of being easily shaped or molded. / in BIOLOGY: the adaptability of an organism to changes in its environment or differences between its various habitats.)

It’s definitely shaping into the environments it’s residing in – the different countries it’s being performed and taught in. That’s what art does anyway – translate what’s happening in that environment through a vessel, a person or a group of people.

And so…! We flow with the tides, happily dancing on the waves of the process.