Painting Party September Edition!

Last Friday I hosted another Painting Party at Belly Motions. This new little project is growing more exciting with each class I teach! We painted September's edition titled Summer Love, and the girls all did SO well! It makes me really happy when I see the paintings gaining form and personality. The work always ends up looking different from the person sitting next to them. It's so much fun! I'm sure other art teachers can relate to the joy and amazement of the individual's hand coming through the work. 

There's something very special when one takes a creative challenge, for whatever reason it may be. The majority of the participants have been touched by Arabic dance one way or another. Not all were my students of dance. Some invite their daughters, mothers, aunts, friends, to join them in an activity that relates to something they have been empowered by. To share. That's beautiful to me, the desire to share the positive things that make us happy so that others may possibly feel that happiness too. 

I'm ever grateful for these happy women taking my classes who in-turn inspire me. So next month the October Edition will be about giving thanks with  Autumn Veil. She is warm and glittery and is meant to be painted with a motive - to give thanks to this dance that we love so much!! * Keep it as a reminder for what you may be grateful for, write a special quote or note on it, maybe give it as a gift to a belly dance friend, dance sister or a special someone who has made an impact on your belly dance journey. 

Let's make another memorable Painting Party together! 

Friday, October 28th - 7:00pm!

Call Belly Motions to book your canvas today! (305) 663-1553