RaqSisters and Essential Oils

It’s the last day of the first month of the year! 2017 started with a beautiful spark, despite our irky political situation. In the midst of the star dust explosion that we feel at the begining of every year, my sister, Luisa and I, have recharged our fun project together that we call "RaqSisters." Raqs, meaning "dance" in Arabic, typically used with "sharqi" or "of the orient." Our name then translates into "Dancing Sisters." RaqSisters is a fun and quirky pop-duo that aims to share community art and dance projects, experiences and the beauty of natural wellness. We teach and perform Arabic Dance (aka "Belly Dance"); we are artists in our own nature - Luisa is an interior designer and architect, and I'm a Visual Artist; we are really into natural and holistic approaches to maintaining a vibrant lifestyle; and we have a beautiful and creative family and group of friends that share our passions. Life is good, we are blessed, and sharing is something we both innately love to do. 

We are getting ready for all sorts of projects this year. We have a big theater performance coming up where we will perform a duet once more. We have Essential Oils Classes that we teach together, and some fun and short video's every week that we've started on our YouTube Channel. 

Essential Oils… that's my highlight of the week! Luisa and I teach introductory classes about Essential Oils, from how to use them to how to become members and, if curious, how to earn an income from simply sharing their value. They are so much fun to talk about and share experiences! 

I can go on for HOURS of the wonderful world of Essential Oils!!! While using (and "abusing" - hahah!) doTerra EO's for almost two years now, we have experienced major health improvements in our own and our family's lives. There is a huge network of doTerra users and it is by far, from our extensive research, the best company you could purchase your Essential Oils from, and not just purchase, but thrive in a healthy environment because of them. DoTerra is a fantastic company that strives for the purest quality in their oils, they have a rich culture, environmentally safe facilities, loads of educational resources from their website to their Wellness Advocates, global humanitarian projects, and so much more! Well, it's a pleasure to have been introduced to them by a friend and have continued sharing these useful life tools. 

If you're open to natural wellness and learning a little more, we can definitely help! It may not be for everyone, but I know that all who do dive into it enjoy a really nice and happy life. We can teach our classes online or in person, though in person is more fun - you get to experience the oils first hand. 

Time for me to turn my diffuser on and get back to work! Happy Tuesday!