Old Habits. New Habits

This morning I woke up twice and I didn't like it at all! Lately I've been trying to change some habits and make new ones but my goals are a little all over the place. This morning was the last straw. Writing in my journal really helps to think things through and come up with new ideas, so I did while sipping on my coffee. It's so special and necessary, journaling. Sometimes my ideas translate into blogs, like this one! Blogging for me puts me into perspective as well. Both things help.

So yes, I woke up twice this morning. At 6:00am Andres left to work and Nyah soon after woke up sicky-poo vomiting a little, poor baby. But because I got up, cleaned and it was still dark, I wasn't sure what to do! I don't usually wake up at the time. What was I going to do? I went back to bed…. First mistake! But I was confused. So I left the curtains open hoping the sunlight would start to shine, and I started at my phone for a couple of minutes, couldn't sleep, but 30 minutes later I was asleep. I woke up at 9:45am. Uh! I felt like my day just ran by. 

I got up and tried to make up for lost time and thought about how I can really kick this habit and a couple of other ones while making new ones. Transforming the old habits into new good ones. 


Old habit: Waking up late! I want to wake up by 7:00am but end up waking up by 8:30am. Too late for all the things I need to do! And when I do wake up and it's "too early," I check out instagram or facebook on my phone, which helps but then precious time flies when you're reading worthless things. Blue light has been proven to be very affective sending signals to our brain telling us it's "morning." Hence, why researchers advise us to not go through our phones at bed-time. My phone usually has the "blue light filter" and it helps a little on the day-to-day, but the idea that I wake up with my phone with non-productive intentions just sucks. 

Transform to new habit: I've been trying to find the time to continue reading some great and insightful books. There's a bunch of e-books on my iPad, especially one I've really wanted to finish, "Start with WHY" by Simon Sinek. My new habit will be to keep my iPad next to my bed and when that alarms sounds at 7:00am, I will sit up and read at least 2-5 pages, hopefully more. Yes! Start my day reading informative material that will inspire my day. 

New Habit Oct 2017 (1 of 1).jpg

Old habit: Over-doing my paintings. I'm sure many painters go through this, we think too hard about all the ways a painting can go. I plan, but when I start to paint I see other paths the painting can go. I think I just don't plan enough maybe? I'm indecisive? Whatever the deal, my discipline is lacking! It's a habit I let slip by and I'm paying for it. 

Transform to new habit: Execute your plan. Do it until the end. If it doesn’t work out, then at least you tried. I will give myself only 10 % wiggle room for changes and only if I have the real urge and gut-feeling that it's not working. 

I'm ready! 

New Habit Oct 2017 (2 of 3).jpg
New Habit Oct 2017 (3 of 3).jpg
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