Why I teach Painting Parties!

I had always found painting to be an act of rebellion against routines. It was about releasing the images I had felt and sometimes had seen in the shadowy depths of my imagination. The mind travels to so many corners of the psyche, to many different looking worlds - conversations, work meetings, family events, Disney, far on a mountain top, driving down the coast of California, sunsets, love, car accidents, bills, money, slimy people, pets…. Some are fantasized, some are reality turned over countless times with some additions and subtractions. 

This is the nature of our minds… to process. Our chances of calming the mind are slim unless we do something about it, somehow redirecting the thoughts in a peaceful way. I use painting many times, or writing, to do just that. I've learned that I like painting clouds because while I do, I can release thoughts doing this non-extraneously demanding task. I don't have to worry too much about form like how anatomy requires. And I have experienced mental relaxation when I am in a class that I can follow along easily and have space to let my mind wander and my nerves cool. 

And so my gift to my dance sisters and dance enthusiasts is to offer Painting Parties geared towards Belly Dancers and enthusiasts; a chance to re-direct emotions, thoughts, nerves, love, etc, onto canvas - to exchange the energy for something releasing. 

Promoting these classes can be challenging in just a few words because there is a lot of things to explain that happens in the mind, body and even the soul when we dip our toes in creative work - at any level! We say it's fun and relaxing, and it totally is! And it's much more too. You get a whole two hours for yourself to enjoy - that's a fantastic block of time from our busy lives to put your own beautiful self into. 

As for me, I feel completely blessed to combine three of my passions into one event. Art has always been my number one since I can remember. Drawing, painting, imagining, writing. Dancing as well since I can remember, but dancing professionally - that's a dream come true that can be very hard to conquer for many. Much of what I currently teach is "dance fitness" yet my creative side of dance will always be ready to pounce joyfully when called upon. Teaching is my third passion - where really I like to call it "sharing." This is something I learned along the way and was only possible with good mentors and the challenge of overcoming fears of the unknown - like how will I sound when I say this…? Public speaking for most artists is damn right not easy! Our body mechanics are naturally attuned to sharing in other ways but spoken language. I over came that challenge because I knew I could share more.  

I teach for the love of sharing, because I know that what you are doing in these classes will leave good feelings in your soul, even when there may be a challenge on the canvas, you stood up to that task and passed through it. Your actions and thoughts are recorded on that canvas now - it's all you. 

If you're interested in attending one of these parties or booking me for your own personal event, contact me via email! I also update my website calendar and share the events through my Facebook and Instagram.