"Hope" Painting

My messy yet organized desk! Work, work, work, work!

I've been doing a lot of studio work this week - I'm on a roll! Inspired by my my tea-time-breaks, I'm coming up with lots of ideas. Also got some new Mountain Rose Herb teas in the mail, like this "Ancient Forest" black tea, wow! #InLove. 

Today I'll share one piece called "Hope."

"Hope" is a little painting I made for myself that has helped me through some tough times. I decided to paint a second one to sell and inspire someone who may also need the support. The original hangs over my desk and is my inspiration to keep working hard for the things that I love. Life isn't always magical. It has beautiful and ugly sides - what can we do? It's like the quote from the movie "The Big Short" when they say "Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry." Haha! I loved this quote when I first heard it. I believe that in order to succeed we have to acknowledge and work with the good and the bad. My little blue tea pot pouring into the golden cup is my reminder to "stay golden" when I hit some tough places. It's small, intimate and simple. 

I've painted a new one on canvas, a little bigger than the original, just for you! It's a 10 X 10 inches at $150.00. Check out the images below.

If you like it, email me!

Some close ups of the golden painted tea cup and "Hope" text.