It's Official! Going to Lebanon this June!

Beautiful day! It's official!!!! I booked my flight to Lebanon today! The excitement is building but it hasn't hit me yet that I'm going!

I pause writing that first line because I have no idea how to continue this little announcement! *Blank face* As I soak in my ticket purchase, I realize that I won't really be feeling it until a couple of months from now. This electronic world is very strange, it's like someone is talking to you and it goes in one ear and out the other. That's what I can reason from this situation because I'm not as excited as I know I will be when I get into that airport, or the night(s) that I pack my bags, haha!

I started learning - well, diving - into the world of Middle Eastern Dance 12 years ago here in Miami with Portia at Belly Motions. My sister, Luisa, and I were hooked; we just didn't stop since. I thought I would become an Art Historian working in Museums, maybe lecturing here and there, but I didn't think I would become a professional dancer. I took that career option seriously anyway as I got into college, continuing my university degree, because with life we just never know. Fast-forward to today and I'm finally taking my first trip to the Middle East. This is part of my dance education. I'm going to take workshops with master instructors and experience culture from one small area of the Middle-East. It's a huge region and I wish I could continue traveling more of it this year. This little trip will mean a lot, I'm sure! My Art History gene will never fade away; I'll be documenting, painting, photographing and eating! The dance comes from somewhere and that's outside, all around. 

Thank you to those who read my newsletter last week and donated towards my dance-education! I'll be working on your gifts and mailing them out soon! If you'd like to contribute, those who donate $50 or more will receive a painting and my little "thank you" gift. 


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