Oriental Fantasy Belly Motions Show!

Belly Motions celebrated our 12 year anniversary this past Saturday, March 4, with a spectacular and vibrant theater show. "Oriental Fantasy" was a unique and unforgettable experience! Every year the instructors organize and prepare the show with themes, choreographies, props and costumes so our students can shine on stage and express their passion for dance. We have a variety of Arabic, Indian and African dance performances that light up the stage. 

This year we themed our production with a "Fantasy" theme - a chance to expand our creativity to different places. We were all excited and so were the students! We kept the art alive while adding a bit of western theatrical fun! There were mermaids, an Alice and Wonderland theme, fairies, Goddesses, warriors, and all sorts of other magical things. The show also took place in a new theater for our studio which turned out to be very nice and spacious for us. 

These experiences are one of my favorites to ride through - these women inspire me though I may be their teacher or I may see them performing in other great groups! Some are lawyers, accountants, school teachers, mothers, university students, doctors, and just overall, top-notch beautiful women! This is what they do for themselves, something special that they can share and be a part of a community of happiness and health. 

I choreographed a "Temple Goddesses" Oriental Arabic Dance routine with finger cymbals and lanterns. The girls and I had a blast! Learning a choreography in preparation for our theater shows is a journey. We begin together in October though before the instructors prepare as early as May. The girls and I learn to work together as a team, training hard to get those movements and counts down while laughing with and supporting one another. For some students it's their first time through this experience, and for other it's their fifth time! My girls are so special, I'm so proud of each and every one and love them very much!!! We had our challenges but they stayed positive and saw them through! We will be performing again a different routine at the Miami Belly Dance Convention this year, stay tuned!

Congratulations to everyone who participated!!! And as always, thank you infinity times, Portia, for creating such a wonderful place for us. Without your leadership and love, there would be no Belly Motions!

Here are some photo's of the event, backstage fun and after the show! <3