Magical Friday with Lavender Honey Tea

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Good morning! Starting off my Friday very early and quiet. I've been enjoying early mornings more and more. It's so peaceful to see the sun's light slowly become brighter and softly illuminate my little apartment. 

My week sped by so fast that I'm taking this morning to stop and smell the tea. I decided to make this one a little magical and add a Lavender and Frankincense essential oil cream honey that I stirred together and keep in the fridge. Mostly I use this mix as a face mask for unwanted blemishes, which works better than any mask I've tried! Aromatically it's very soothing and great for my sensitive skin. 

I make my black tea separately in a pot. I use Mountain Rose Herbs, one called "Ancient Forest." I don't own a microwave, so I heat up a small amount of almond milk on the stove and when it's done, I stir in a teaspoon of my magical honey. 

Most of the essential oils I use from doTERRA are safe to ingest and I can benefit from their wonderful properties in every corner of my life! I'm going through some icky spring allergies this week and still feel a little congested this morning. Lavender is said to help ease seasonal threats and Frankincense is like the "king" of oils - when in doubt, use Frankincense! I saw that jokingly, but for many of us EO users, well... we say it's a joke but it's not, haha!

How will you make your Friday a magical one?

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