Lebanon Part 1 053117

Hi! Writing in from the airport, about to board my flight to Beirut! I feel I have to document my steps since it's the first time I travel to the Middle East, even if it's just one city this time. 

I feel so strange. I'm just emerging out of my denial, crawling slowly out of a little hole I've put myself in. The past weeks I've been working a lot, painting and dancing. Usually before a trip I am SO excited to pack, plan and think about where I will be, what I will do. But there's been a block, I can only assume it's due to a number of factors. This is the first time I am really nervous and happy for a trip. I've traveled Europe before - Italy, Spain, Romania, Austria, England; I've been to South America, Costa Rica, Mexico, and within the U.S. Europe was twice for study then for leisure, like many others. 

This one is strange to me... and not at all in a negative way. But if you know me, I get mighty pensive, particularly while in the traveling process. I am heading there for study and touring. My mind is so full with thoughts yet of nothing at all; fantasizing things amazing and dreadful - really, nothing at all. Partly why my mind sends the signals that irritate my nerves. 

And I'm thrilled at the same time because the optimistic me knows good things are coming, during and after the trip. This is a unique trip, on my own. I'll be meeting friends there, but what I mean is that I don't have my wonderful, bright and adventurous travel buddy this time, my partner and love of my life, Fico.

Well, they say "follow your heart," and my heart somehow chose to be here months ago and my mind, body and soul need to stick together and enjoy the present moments. #MakeItWork Haha! 

Pull through, stay mindful, open your heart - these are some words I use as Pep talk. Writing here also makes all the difference to my irritated nerves; makes me smile and laugh at how our bodies react to the small things.

I love airports. So many people walking through, so many lives being lived. I'll be sitting or walking enjoying these little transitory moments . Plus I have good books to read!! 

Will write again when I get the chance!!! ✌