Fall means a Fresh Start!

The Fall is finally here! It is my favorite time of the year. I always feel like it's a fresh start with new beginnings, not sure why since it's the "last half of the year." Though living in Miami we barely feel the seasons change, there's still a change in the air. I feel the breeze change rhythm, the sun shines at a different position, and the plants in my garden are happier. One day I see myself living in a northern state with a humble little home and a very green back yard. 

The season also brings a lot of mediation and movement. My production grows and I work more with ease. With Summer, on the other hand, it's the complete opposite. I struggle with focusing on projects and the good vibes are not as flowy. That's ok! There's a time for everything, right? I'm happy the Fall is here!

artist studio

This week I've progressed a lot since Hurricane Irma hit us September 9th. That means…. The first week of September was chaotic preparing and the feeling everyone on high alert. Irma was the slowest hurricane ever - she stayed for a good 36 hours, hitting the Keys and up the entire state. The next week (last week) was cleaning up. This week things are somewhat back to normal and it's Friday. So, three weeks of nothing except waiting and trying to calm down. September 2017 is non-existent, haha! I may joke a bit and thank heavens that we are safe, but my heart also goes out to all who have really suffered through Irma, not to mention the two terrible earthquakes in Mexico this month and Hurricane Maria that hit the islands this week. Mother Earth seems very unhappy. It's time to be exceptionally patient with nature as she does her work. 

What now? Time to channel goodness, share it, and continue working. It's about responding to the darkness with light to bring some balance to our surroundings. This past Tuesday, September 19 was a new moon, a new cycle of energy, and this week I've set myself some goals to keep me inspired, motivated and working even harder. Discipline: activity, an exercise, or a regime that develops or improves skill; training. That's my word of the month!

New Habit Oct 2017 (1 of 3).jpg

To help, Andres and I re-organized our little one-bedroom apartment a bit. Since my studio is also part of my living room it's inevitable that some spaces look "messy" when they are actually clean and organized, haha! But now that the computer is in the center space and I threw out lots of unnecessary junk, it feels like the space flows so much nicer. PHEW! You know that sticky feeling when you need that change? Then you move something around and it feels like a pressure point was released and you can breathe again! I also feel like painting the walls - hayayay.

My next adventures…. Choreographing for our Belly Motions Fall Choreo programs, starting a new commission for a patron, and learning how to resin paintings with my artist friend Ana Monsanto! What goals have you set yourself to accomplish? 

Small paintings in progress.... 

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