Testimonial by Sam Mederos

Back in 2013 I had just graduated from college with a Bachelor's in both Visual Art and Art History. I was teaching Oriental Dance and painting. Not much has changed but I look back and think about those pieces I created that are now in loving homes. It's been five years since I created these pieces and have been with this patron.

Recently I was welcomed into Sam's home to take a photo of where the paintings are hung and when I saw them again... I was amazed at how much energy they held! I've been looking at them through my phone but when I was there in person they pulsated with movement. To see my old paintings again was a really neat experience! And motivated me for my future work. 

Thank you to Sam Mederos for your testimonial on purchasing my work and inviting me and my paintings into your beautiful home! I'm so happy they are with you!

Alexandra MolinaComment