Moon Trio Paintings

The creation of these three was smooth. Though unintended, their sequence naturally appeared as I painted – my psyche being very aware, working behind the scenes of my consciousness to bring these three to life.

Waxing Crescent, 2018, oil on canvas, 9 x 12 in - SOLD

The first I painted (without knowing which moon it would choose) was the Waxing Crescent. This one has an immense power in her hips, positioned facing us, her head tilted to the side, chin softly down in recognition of the moon - the being from which she receives her magic. She is strong, robust, wind blowing in the direction towards the moon, rippling through her hair and skirt showing her thighs just enough.

Full Moon, 2018, oil on canvas, 9 x 12 in

The second I painted was the Full Moon. A dancer in a strong back bend pointing towards the moon, and the moon at the height of her powers. A back-bend takes strength and confidence. To get to it a dancer trains his/her body towards accomplishing a good back-bend, as it is no easy task to just “do.”

Waning Crescent, 2018, oil on canvas, 9 x 12 in - SOLD

The last I painted was the Waning Crescent, equally powerful and incredibly significant. The light is fading in preparation for the beginning of the end. Into the shadows the moon goes, a place of reflection and learning. The dancer is ready – sitting on the floor signifies she is grounded, bare-breasted and ready to discover more. There is no fear as she directly faces the moon.

The cycle will begin again.

When I painted these I had no idea which dancer would be with what moon. It came out naturally this way, that’s what they asked of me. Some may giggle and others will relate, but the paintings communicate in their own way during the process and that’s how they spoke to me. Since the three are painted on separate canvases they can be re-arranged. Two have sold and the Full Moon is left to be adopted into a loving home. I think next time I’ll paint all three together on one panel. The fun part was moving them around depending on the cycle of the moon. 

Hope you enjoyed the story of these three beauties! All of my girls have a history and a future waiting to be told. 

Alexandra MolinaComment