"Tropical Fruit" gets ArtResined!

This past April I finally got to exhibit “Tropical Fruit” at the Miami Raks Fest, an annual Belly Dance Festival hosted by Belly Motions. Thank you to all who passed by, purchased work and took my “Intro to Dabke” workshop! This was a really exciting event to be a part of!

“Tropical Fruit” is currently on display at Belly Motions Studio for June and possibly July. I was so happy to hear many have enjoyed seeing her with the “clear coating” and have asked what that is. It’s called “epoxy resin” and I absolutely LOVED using it for this particular painting! It enriched the colors and made her “POP!” To me she is sensual but also fun, a tribute to dance and the tropical environment I live in. Her pose and presence is also inspired by dancer Omaris (beautiful performer and teacher, check her out!). By applying the resin it enhanced that story. I’ve seen some artists use resin to create a more elegant finish and others to make it look “contemporary.”

The process of resining can be a tricky one at first! But so worth it if you’re looking for this quality finish. Artists, I highly recommend the company ArtResin. They are educational and their product is safe and easy to use. I really appreciate their top-quality customer service and all of the information they have on their website – it’s beautiful! I mean… so many questions are answered there via great videos and written explanations! And if for some reason something isn’t clear, they are an email or phone call away and are quick to respond.

I’m a hands-on lady, and thankfully I had my amazing friend and artist Ana Monsanto guide me through the resining process. It’s great to have a friend who can share tips and tricks in addition to the ArtResin website guided videos. FYI, it takes some practice, tools, and a very clean space.

The resin finish is so beautiful, I may explore using it on my Dance Mugs Collection! What do you think?

Thank you ArtResin for sponsoring my work! It’s an honor and pleasure to work with and share your product!