Art in your Home

I got inspired to Vlog about this little article I read in a Journal called Magnolia Journal, Inspiration for life and home.. Still getting used to the camera and microphone st up here, but I'm on my way! It was fun to talk about these ideas instead of writing it down this time. 

The edition of the journal is titled "Curiosity" and had a short and sweet article towards the end that talked about having art in your home titled "If Theses Walls Could Talk." I highlight a couple of important ideas that I believe are valuable for anyone to wishes to have unique and hand-made art in your home. 

  • Choosing art in your home tells a story of the people who live there. 
  • You can create a collection that fits your personality and the things you love. 
  • Where to begin on selecting art for you home. 
  • How art changes the feeling of the environment. 
  • Conversation starters. 
  • Art is your escape.

Thank you reading and watching!



Alexandra MolinaComment