Alexandra is both a Visual and Oriental Dance Artist based in Miami, Florida. One art form influences the other, continuously circling in a figure eight motion. There is no stop to this duality as Alexandra naturally embodies both art forms in her various projects. 

As a Visual Artist Alexandra has worked in a wide range of mediums from ink, watercolor, performances, fabric, sculpture, now primarily working with oil paint. In 2012 she earned her dual-degree in Fine Arts and Art History from Florida International University.

Passionately, Alexandra's visual journeys capture the meditative art of tea, dance, and the vibrancy of soul, capturing these themes through expressive brush strokes and color. Her work is an exploration of movement and emotion charged with sensuality, grace and fluidity. From paintings of dancers to tea pots, she aims for honesty, mediation and conversation.

As a Middle Eastern Oriental Dance professional, Alexandra strives for authenticity, spice and juicy flavor in her style. With over 10 years (since 2005) of experience performing, teaching and continuous learning, her work is an homage to the legends and figure heads of the dance as well as the beautifully natural and limitless energy that surrounds this dance/art form. In the classroom she guides students to explore their own uniqueness, from execution of movements to story-telling and personalizing on stage. She trains students from both a fitness-model and a soul-body perspective, believing that without a deeper connection to oneself, we would not be able to perform the beauty and power of the art of Oriental Dance. Her aim is to help students feel grounded and well-connected to the dance and its History and Culture.

Alexandra grew up in a close and artistic family, Cuban from her father's side and Costa Rican from her mother's side. There was always music, dance, laughter, conversation and play in her household. As the youngest of four equally creative and artistic brothers and sisters, she was exposed to a variety of personalities and information. In a lush and large back yard she had adventure as her best friend, clouds to dream with and draw. In this creative culture she thrived.

In her teens, Alexandra was introduced to Middle Eastern Dance by Portia Lange, Founder of Belly Motions, Inc since 2005. At the time, this performing art was rising in popularity all over the world and would quickly become infused into the "Miami Flavor" and international Miami-scene.

Alexandra was and is still moved by how empowering Arabic Dance and it's history is. It is a colorfully collective world of culture and artists that continue to innovate and inspire. Alexandra's artistic journey has grown through interacting with her students and colleagues - teaching, choreographing and performing – elements that have shaped her unique style on canvas and on stage.

Alexandra's artistic influences include a wide variety of performers and artists such as John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Jackson Pollock, Max Earnst, Salvador Dali, Marina Ambromovic, Shirin Neshat, Youssef Nabil, to performers such as Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Nagwa Fouad, Samia Gamal, Fifi Abdo, and many more. She adores the global culture that is enveloping the world today and loves watching TEDtalks and Viceland while she drinks tea and makes art. And if it weren't for the auspicious and magnetizing influence of music... there would be no Alexandra Molina.

Alexandra currently resides in Miami, Florida where she works as a visual artist and Middle Eastern Dance professional with Belly Motions, World Dance Studio. 

Alexandra has taught fine arts with Live Your Art, an educational and cultural organization in South Florida that supports the richness and power of the arts for all ages (also owned by my brother, Nestor!) as well as with Door to the Arts, Inc., a non-for-profit organization spreading art and culture to young learners. 


Meet my creative familia!

Nestor Molina (father), writer and philosopher www.nestormolina.com 

Nestor Molina, Jr. (brother), musician and music instructor - www.liveyourart.info

Luisa Molina (sister), interior designer and belly dancer - www.lumodesigns.com

Together as sisters we make RaqSisters - www.raqsisters.com

Adrian Molina (brother), artist and musician - AdmoArt 

And our mamma is our pillar of sanity. *wink*


A BIG "Thank You" to my brother, Nestor Molina for the unique music produced for this video. 

Connecting through collaboration,

dance and shared experience.

Calligraphic Dancer Project

I began formulating a dance language with a unique "alphabet" as an exploration and combination with the visual arts.

My mission is to explore the value of the arts within a community- to engage the Contemporary Art world with the Middle Eastern Dance world. 




Exhibition at Belly Motions on October 24, 2015. Performance by Alexandra. Panel Discussion on what the project is about, moderated by Luisa Molina, LuMo Designs.

Belly Dancers, would you like to host a Calligraphic Dancer Workshop at your studio?


*for upcoming performances, visit my Events page.


Station 36 | HGAB Studio's Wynwood Art Walk

Gallery Night at Belly Motions - Belly Dancer's Art Club, Saturday, July 14

Featured Artist in Voyage MIA Magazine. Interview link click here.



Lebanese Love Affair III - February 24 - 26, Artist and Performer, Miami, FL


RAW: Natural Born Artists Presents SIGNATURE artist and performer, Miami, FL (coming April 21st)

Gallery Night at Belly MotionsCalligraphic Dancer, artist and performer, Miami, FL


Festival of the Goddessesartist and performer, Jakmel Art Gallery, Wynwood, FL

Rotating art work at Belly Motionsartist, Coral Gables, FL
Artwork featured at the
 Futurama Art Gallery, artist and performerMiami, FL

Breadth, artist and performerYMCA of Greater Miami, FL

Belly Motions Gallery Nightartist and performerCoral Gables, FL

Festival of the Goddessesartist and performer, Jakmel Art Gallery, Wynwood, FL

Regions Bank in Pinecrest presents Talia Rodriguez, curator, Miami, FL
Regions Bank in Pinecrest Rotating Exhibitionscurator, Miami, FL

Bus, Sweat and Tears: Second Route, curator, FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studio’s, Miami, FL

Falls Art District November Art Walk, artist, “Artists at the Falls” Studio, Miami, FL

BFA Undergraduate Exhibit, artist, Frost Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami, FL

Re> Collaborative Installation Project/FIU Installation Class, artist, Miami, FL

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