Connecting you to a deeper place in your life.

"Earth without 'Art' is just EH!" - Anonymous

Art inspires, art empowers, art lifts us up, leaves us with emotions that make us feel alive!


The Divine Goddess lives in all women. This 2-part commission was created to energize the soul, evoking a sultry combination of Greek and Arabic-dance elements. "Aphrodite" and "Persephone" were born. 


Moment of Bliss, 2013

Oil on canvas

Looking for a beauty that could vibe uplifting feelings, this client was inspired by how much Arabic dance transported her to a a world of light and peace. 


La Tia, 2015

Oil on canvas

Fiery and passionate, this bold mix of Gitana and Arabic Dancer was this client's inspiration. One look at this mamacita and the bravery to take on the day fills your soul. 

Wadi Rum Sunrise, 2017

Oil on wood

Inspired by the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, this painting was created for a dance mom and her daughter and son. Wadi Rum was a place she traveled to and loved how peaceful and happy it made her feel looking out at the beauty of nature.

This unique commission was designed for a couple (a belly dancer and her husband)who wanted to bring their personalities into one painting. Located in a special place in their home, this painting was intended to inspire strength, confidence and bring light into their hearts. 

Strength, 2015

Oil on Wood. 

My Commission Process...

Working with you will be a pleasure! Help me get to know you better and our process will be a breeze.
Your privacy is important and no information will be made public without consent from the client.

Step 1: Before we meet, ask yourself the following questions.
**Answering even just one of the questions will help guide our discussion and creation of the painting(s). 
The final piece will be the essence of what I'll gather from our conversation.

    Why do you dance? Tell me a little bit about your dance journey. (Friendship, passion, the music, the movements, a special event, a loss, a trauma, etc...)
    Which styles of dance move you the most? Example: Oriental, Folkloric, Tribal, Modern, Fusion, etc…
    While dancing, which movements do you feel most confident with and/or what area(s) of your body?
    While dancing, do you envision yourself in a special environment? How does that space make you feel? (Ex: In nature, in a theater, etc…)
    Is there a story that you wish to tell, or a song that you love that you would like to incorporate into the creation of your piece?
    Do you have favorite artists or dancers? Which ones and why?
    What colors do you envision your painting to have and for what reason? For example: "Orange" because it motivates me, "Blue" because it calms me.
    Do you like to dance with any props? Which ones and why? For example: I like to dance with Veil because it makes me feel serene
    Are there any special requests that you would like to add to the creation of the painting?

Step 2: Meeting #1
Discussion about your vision and what I can do for you. 

Step 3: Meeting #2 (May not be necessary if all is completed in our first meeting.)
Decision time! We will look at sketches and options to complete our decision as well as the deposit.
Deposit (40%) will be due in cash, check or credit card. Full payment is optional. 

Step 4: Creation and Communication of Progress
Depending on the project, I estimate 2-4 months of completion in which I will contact you on my progress.

Step 5: Delivery! 

Let's get started!