New Tea's, SO EXCITED!

It's an early Christmas for me this morning!!! 

Last night I received my Mountain Rose Herb teas in the mail and this morning I've opened them all and tried them all as if I were a little girl with new toys! I've had a strong fascination with tea since I was very young even though my Latino culture and their coffee-craze was dense and all around on both my Cuban and Costa Rican sides of the family. But tea… the wonderful and fascinating aromas of the many types of teas, from the original camellia sinensis to herbal blends, the history and culture of tea is just so interesting! My first interactions with tea were with my mom with her Twinnings tea packets and how much she loved watching period-pieces like the BBC's Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I got wrapped up in British culture, literature… and tea! I got a little older and moved into Asia and their philosophical, conversational and tea culture. I'm still hoping around trying what I can from all around the world. 

These days we have all sorts of worries about what we in-take - if it's organic, full of pesticides and all that jazz. Well, I've been looking for other brands of tea that are into Fair Trade and Organics, because tea is definitely one thing that you really want to drink organic and clean and NOT from a tea bag - yuckyyyy! I like full leaf, no strainers - that keep the leaves from fully opening and giving all their nutrients. I just let the leaves run free in the pot. When I pour, I'll use a strainer over the cup to catch the herbs. 

One day I saw a post on Instagram from a fellow dancer and student, cool mom and pretty earthy, all-around woman, (Pema! :D) of teas and herbs she got from a company called Mountain Rose Herbs. Based in Oregon, the company began in 1987 as a small herbal shop. You can read about their growth on their website here:

I usually won't go for Herbal Tea's because I like my original blacks and greens. But I said, let's be a little adventurously spicy today and I ordered three very interesting herbal blends… Dawn Chorus, Love Tea, and Dream Tea. 

Dawn Chorus is a blend of organic Nettle leaf, organic and fair trade Green Rooibos Tea, and Rose Petals. 

Love Tea was super exciting to try - a blend of organic Rose petals, Damiana leaf, Orange peel, Cacao nibs roasted, Cinnamon chips, Vanilla Beans. 

Dream Tea was soothing - organic Peppermint leaf, Chamomile flower, Gotu Kola, organic Mugwort, Damiana leaf, Rosemary, Rose petals and Stevia.

Yeap, I think I did good in my first three teas. Their packaging is also just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow, great price for the quality. I'll be ordering again! On their website you'll see they sell many more things than just tea! Their staff and tea culture seem to be a pretty fun and earthy crowd! Try it out and let me know how it goes!