Hello November!

Wow, only two months left until 2017 - it seems unreal sometimes how time passes! October was an entertaining and jam-packed month with lots of work and fun personal stuff. I'm looking at my agenda now at October and seeing how much I accomplished. One thing I'm very excited about is my next series of paintings! I am almost done with the first one of the series and have planned a couple more paintings. They are very different from what I've done so far in terms of fusing Belly Dance and my art. I went back in time to my younger years as an early teenager all the way to my college years studying 18th and 19th century painting. I searched and searched for those significant details that intrigued my curiosity towards those paintings and found some connections that could be useful for these in-coming paintings. These are also not commissioned from someone or for any special event, as many of my paintings have been in the past couple of years. These are my super-fun, personal enrichment works, and it's definitely something that's been over-due! I'll be writing more later about these connections and will be posting process-pictures very soon!  

Last month I also had a wonderful photoshoot with a very good friend and sister of mine - Siufer! She's a highly talented photographer, make-up artist (not just the glam make-up, but the amazing special effects!), a mother, and the owner of a mystical metaphysical store called "Luna Bohemia," located right next to Belly Motions. I always enjoy photo shoots with her - she knows about dancer photography  and she'll guide you through poses, where to move your leg, if the pose isn't working, or if she sees any other detail that might help the model out. For us models the poses may feel tight and like we're working out! But the camera sees the world differently than our own eyes, something I remember learning in my first film photography classes back in college. For the shoots, I like to come prepared with costume changes, themes, ideas, poses, makeup and hair supplies to touch up. It's a load of fun, hard work, and a time to play "actress." Posing, smiling, bringing in that personality, shaking it off and starting over and over again as if it were the first time. Phew! The hard work pays off! I'm happy with my photo's! 

Halloween weekend was pretty nice from Friday to that Halloween Monday! Friday's Painting Party at Belly Motions was another success! October's painting is titled Autumn Veil, welcoming the warmth of the Fall and holiday spirit! She is meant to be painted as a "give thanks to belly dance." I had some inspirational quotes for the girls to either paint onto the canvas or write on special parchment paper and keep it on the back. In every painting party there's something special and unique that happens and there's also someone's first time creating a painting! One of the girls this time was so happy it was her first time, it really warmed my heart that she enjoyed it. These little things impact me maybe as much as it impacts them, maybe more… it definitely keeps me going and inspired to share more. I love what I do even when being a full-time artist is one of the most challenging careers on the planet! It humbles me how my girls react to our work together. 

November brings even more excitement as the holidays roll in. My sister and I have been preparing for our first Theater Performance as a duet - can you believe that?!?! It's been almost 12 years dancing and we've never choreographed something for the theater as "just us."  Well… here we go!! Yey! We'll be performing at Caravan of Dancers IV, a really nice local Belly Dance and Flamenco event that Zizi Zabaneh and her Fusion Gitana's put on. We've participated every year and love how intimate and educational this event is. It gives richness to the art form. Zizi gave Luisa and I the opportunity to perform together this year - thank you Zizi!!! Come see us on Saturday, November 12 at 8:00pm at the Manuel Artime Theater. We're selling tickets at Belly Motions

Ahhhh, November…. The warm and peaceful month of the year in my eyes. It passes by too fast so I will soak in every minute! Have a beautiful day!