Hello again, blog!


Hello blog! It’s been a while! Half a year almost, uh-oh! Going to do my best to get back on the blogging again. I love documenting through my website! It’s a shame I don’t do it more, at least for myself. 

I’ve been at the beginning of a new little adventure in my career. Since November 2017 I’ve been renting studio space at HGAB Studio’s in Wynwood and have been feeling it out, exploring how my work evolves there and much  more. I really like it. I think the fruits of my labor have finally begun to show during this past weekend’s events. 

Saturday night I had two event happening – The Belly Dancer’s Art Club’s first Gallery Night and Station 36,  an HGAB Wynwood Art Walk production in collaboration with the staff and the artists. We’ve all been posting on Instagram loads of photo’s and videos and there are some more memories to be posted soon. 

Monday morning is here and I slept in and am recovering. I’m such an introvert that I started feeling almost sick with a cold yesterday. Today I feel great. That was all the energy that I experienced hard core for days straight. 

In any case, today is that day to harmonize again and enjoy the quietude. Later this week I’ll be posting video’s of the performances from Saturday night. 

Tomorrow’s it’s time to get back on the work-wagon and prepare content for upcoming Belly Dance classes and workshops! I’ll be filming at HGAB some combinations for my upcoming workshop “Dancing to Uum Kulthoum” Saturday, July 28! Free movie night Friday, July 27, not to miss! 

Happy Monday all! Stay tuned for more. 

pour tea low res.jpg
Enjoying my tea. 

Enjoying my tea.