Testimonial by Roxane Pickens

Roxane is a beauty in so many ways! A woman who has a passion for the arts, a dancer and a supporter of many of our art work in the Oriental Dance community, and she has been a wonderful patron of mine through out the years - I am ever so grateful. Here are her poetic words her experience collecting my art - she's about to acquire her third! 

With two of your wonderful paintings in my home, I am daily reminded of the beautiful spirit, power, and grace of women in motion, and I am continually inspired to reflect the energy that emanates from the canvas.  It is an extraordinary thing that you achieve through your paintings: to at once ground and give flight.  Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me!

With love,

Roxane Testimonial 2.png

C. 2013 - 2014


Alexandra MolinaComment