I've been reading a blog by a Swedish artist, photographer and blogger named Jonna Jinton. It's been an inspiration to me, not sure how big yet, but it's definitely brought me to my back and forth question of "why should I blog?" It's a sunny morning in Miami. September is still hot and humid, but I can feel the weather changing when the evening breezes sweep my way - it's just a bit cooler. That always brings me hope for a good Fall. 

The idea of blogging for me came years ago when Belly Motions was starting one. The motive was to bring business and therefore we had to write to target those audiences. I was excited to pitch in thoughts and help my home-away-from-home and didn't think it would be so hard - it was. They were meant to be very short and sweet, giving information and yet somehow supposed to show our personalities. I think back now, why were they so hard, exactly? So easy... I had no creative freedom. This was a down-side, and like all there's a bright-side, which was the learning process of these writing techniques. They were helpful. Writing now my own blog is so much easier due to the freedom, and I'm back to the roots of what an "every-day" blog is supposed to be - a writing tool, an online journal. At least that's what I remember it was for when it came out in the late 90's, early 2000's. I like to write, I write a lot in my own journal. And even though I'm an "introvert" and like to be by myself 90% of the time, I have a strong side of me that likes to share and connect with others. That's one of the reasons why I am so attracted to Jonna Jinton's blog. She lives in a far-away, tiny town in Sweden and yet she still links to the outside world so well. She's my age, she's creative, she took the leaps and she's working it. I'm in love, it's like I have a girl-crush! More importantly, I'm loving how free I feel these days, more and more. The creative flow is just opening again and there's an air that is whispering the beginning of something, I'm excited to see what.

Now, it's hard to live in Miami for many reasons. I stay because of the love of my job at Belly Motions. But in Miami there's no full blooms of nature around, just multitude of judgmental people, and a few trees here and there, maybe a barren land of dried up grass, oh and the beach, but that's never given me a rush of sweetness. It's strange - I was brought up in Miami but have never really liked this sort of latin-american mix, city-suburban-life. I've dealt with it and have enjoyed the things that make me happy, like my family, friends and art. I've always felt something missing, feeling the antagonizing pull to be close to a river, to mountains, to the cool shades of a forest. When I was younger I had said that I was missing Costa Rica's rivers and forests (my family lives there), but I'm not sure tropical weather is for me anymore. I'm in search, but I am still grounded to my work. I will take advantage of how I react here and be honest. I am a happy forest creature living in a block of cement. What keeps me so alive and able to be a vessel of thoughts is dance, art and the love of my family. So as artists do... I have to be that vessel, the translation of every-day life, the logger of tales. I'll be pulling into writing as a new thing, and see how that goes. 

In the meantime... I'm enjoying my new camera and the Fall!