Tea + Coffee Art

Venturing into a new little world of art about tea! Here and there I paint and draw about my favorite past time, but now I'm going to push the theme a little bit more. I have so many ideas swimming in my mind, from oil paintings on wood to water colors with cool vintage-like frames. 

These intimate little pieces I could hang everywhere! They're perfect for coffee or tea-time areas in the home. I like to think of them as reminders that everything is going to be all right - like the Bob Marley song! They are reminders to relax, refresh, take a deep breath, and drink tea! Or if you're a coffee drinker, drink coffee! I drink both, depending on how I feel or what I'm craving. I am a huge tea-enthusiast and VERY picky about what I drink too. Preparing and drinking tea help me stay grounded and clear-minded. 

This theme will also be a good relief from my Belly Dance paintings (which I still love to do!). My personality needs some relieving from the patterns in life. I don't like routine and it kills my creativity. I've realized that switching my work's theme is healthy. I get more ideas about dance when the time is right! Sometimes I even mix the two, like the last painting I posted in this blog... the "Lavender Tea Dancer."

Besides the paintings I do on my own, I get commissioned to paint for other people, usually dancers. While I paint a dancer, I paint a tea pot on another canvas. It's a nice balance and it keeps my mind active and flowing with creativity. 

Hmm… should I open an Etsy shop for these tea/coffee paintings…? What do you think?